+ hands-on

Delve into the fascinating world of scent and make your own bespoke perfume from scratch.


Duration: 3.5hrs
Price: £95 (x1) or £180 (x2)

In this hands-on, expert-led workshop you’ll find your ‘nose’ as well as learn, analyse and describe perfumery ingredients before designing your very own fragrance using a selection of 25 raw materials.

This masterclass is designed for you to get a stronger understanding of fragrance composition, what you like and dislike and an enriched descriptive vocabulary for your sense of smell.

You will leave with your own bottle of bespoke fragrance and its formula, your workbook filled with information discussed during the class.

We’ll guide you through the entire process with expert one-on-one guidance from our Perfume Curator Emmanuelle Moeglin.

We want you to leave with a signature scent that is something you love, wearable and is entirely yours. 

Every workshop is structured around a methodology that uses perfumery expertise, industry-based techniques, logic and fosters your intuition to lead you to create a fragrance that is unique and bespoke to you.

We also keep your formula, enabling you to re-order your fragrance in 50ml refills.

This workshop is a great introduction into perfumery open to any levels.


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at the EPC Lab in Dalston, London


at the EPC Lab in Dalston, London


at the EPC Lab in Dalston, London


at the EPC Lab in Dalston, London

Tip: Pick your own date with our Bespoke Workshop and come on your own, 'a deux', or with a group of friends or family.