A unique, intimate experience, tailored for you, at our Lab.



Duration: 3hrs - 3hrs30
Price: £350 for couples or one person, on demand for groups of 3+ persons, price per person decreases gradually to £95PP for groups of 5+

Our Bespoke perfume workshop provides a one-to-one experience that’s ideal for individuals, couples or the chance for close friends to get together. The three-hour workshop is a unique, fun, expert and creative experience, run by EPC founder and Perfume Curator Emmanuelle Moeglin.

You create and perfect your own fragrance with expert consultation and guidance along the way. You’ll have the opportunity to create a number of trials until you find the perfect blend choosing from a selection of 40 perfumery ingredients. You will name and keep your bottle of bespoke fragrance on the day.

Along the way, you’ll find your ‘nose’ and leave with a stronger understanding of fragrance composition, what you like and you dislike and an enriched descriptive vocabulary for your sense of smell.

As part of the experience, individuals and couples (for groups of one or two persons) will receive a beautifully presented 50ml bottle sent after the workshop and a copy of their formula for future reorders.

The Bespoke experience is run at the EPC Lab or a location of your choice (London locations). For the ultimate immersive experience, we recommend that you come to our perfumery Lab located in Dalston.

Date on request for individuals and groups (eg: hen do, business private parties etc).

Please note that any fragrances created during a workshop are for personal use only and are not intended for commercial use. If you wish to create a fragrance for your brand or event with us, visit our Corporate page or contact us.