Tell your brand's story through scent or unleash your team's creativity.

sensory marketing

Scent Branding: Custom Scent For Brands &  Businesses


Scent is a story... How do you tell your brand's story through scent?

Working with your vision, we can develop and produce in small batches a scented portfolio or a scent atmosphere that brings to life your brand (or your event). 

Sensory marketing (or Scent branding) is a powerful and original tool; the sensory logo of your brand can be used to extend its message, engage with customers on a sensorial level and anchor your story beyond its visual aspect. 

This solution is ideal for any business looking to design a scent that bottles its brand story or enhance the brand's experience.

Find out more about the many possibilities for creating your brand’s concoctions.


Creative Team Building


Get your team together and unleash their creativity with the EPC Team Building experience.

Each workshop is an introduction to the world of perfume and cologne making, run by EPC founder and Perfume Curator Emmanuelle Moeglin.

Businesses can choose from 1, 2 or 3 hour workshops where each participant or individual team will learn about their sense of smell and create a unique fragrance. We can also tailor a session to your needs.

This is a unique and fun activity, ideal for any business looking for team-gifting, team-bonding as well as educating and inspiring.

The EPC team is happy to come to a location of your choice or we can host the event at the EPC Lab for up to 10 participants.

Find out more about the many possibilities for inspiring and informing your team.