Open-access Lab + Independent exploration

We're open to the public twice a month and provide everything you need to experiment with scents at your own leisure.

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Duration: 10:30am - 8:30pm (flexible drop-in time)
Price: £20 per hour, £140 full day

Perfumery is all about trial and error, so to give you the freedom to explore the world of fragrance, the EPC Lab hosts open-lab days to the public twice a month.

Differing from our structured and expert-led Workshops, the open-lab day puts you in charge, allowing you to independently experiment at your own pace. Wherever you are in your journey through scent, these sessions are perfect for curious beginners, or for more advanced perfume makers. 

We provide a creative environment, perfumery materials, scales, 2 empty vials per hour booked ready to be filled with your creations (10ml/10grs bottles) and access to perfumery ingredients.

The EPC Lab is a friendly space where you can encounter other creative souls and perfume makers, sharing your ideas and creations. 


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+ How does it work?

After receiving a basic introduction, you'll be free to browse and use our ingredients. The open-lab sessions are free from supervision, with a focus on personal experimentation. However, there will always be a trained fragrance specialist available to answer the questions you may have.

After booking your preferred number of hours, you're free to drop in at any time between 10:30am - 8:30pm.

+ What's included in the open-lab day?

We provide measuring equipment, pipettes, scentstrips, formula sheets and empty vials for your fragrance trials. You'll also have access to over 80 perfumery ingredients.

You will receive two empty vials of 10ml per hour booked. We recommend to book at least 2 hours, giving you time to experiment without feeling rushed. Don't worry, we won't put a stop watch in front of you, and if you haven't finished your trials, we'll allow you to finish what you're doing.

+ Can I purchase ingredients to take home?

You can, but this is reserved for perfume makers who have joined the Expert Workshop.


Please note that our open-access sessions are for adults 18+ only.

The Lab is available for private bookings on alternative dates. Get in touch for more information. 


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Find us on 29 Bentley Road, London N1 4BY


If you happen to be based in the US, we recommend visiting the IAO in Los Angeles, which provides a creative environment and perfumery open-sessions since 2013.