We love freeing new and open fragrant-ready noses out into the world all the time.
Here’s what a few of them have had to say about their experience. You heard it here first.

Perfumer studio London
It was refreshing to talk to someone with real deep knowledge of both the industry and the techniques and materials used in perfumery. I got the best result in a takeaway perfume I ever got from other workshops and achieved in one afternoon what normally takes me weeks on my own.
— Morne, perfume connoisseur, creator of Amalfi, created in Holborn London
EPC gave me a gift that I will have for the rest of my life. It opened the door to fragrance in a way I had never known before and I’m now taking a full weekend workshop in Los Angeles where I live.
— Lynette, home fragrance veteran and founder of Illume Candles, creator of London Tears, designed in Dalston London
Without question perfume-making with EPC was my favourite [out of the 52 experiences I did this year, editor’s note], its the one I’ve always gone to when people have asked me what I’ve loved throughout the year.
— Jo, experience aficionado from LondonLearnNew52, designer of Eleven, made in Holborn London
Emmanuelle runs a great introduction to perfumery and I love what I was able to develop over such a short time. This is excellent stuff!
— Matt, fragrance wearer, now scent explorer, creator of Drift Wood, blended in Shoreditch London
Thank you for an inspiring morning of scent, what a pleasure to meet your world. It is the start of a new journey into adding to my art work and I look forward to learning more…
— Isabelle, artist, creator of IBEE, made in Marylebone London
The Masterclass was marvellous. Emmanuelle is clearly passionate, is one of those experts who can really communicate with different types of people, with varying levels of knowledge, plus the whole things is very enjoyable and chic. I learnt loads, it totally opened my mind to the possibilities of perfumery and I managed to create a perfume that I think is pretty good!
— Nick, fragrance industry professional, creator of Into The Wood, designed in Holborn London
I absolutely adored my finished fragrance. I also enjoyed having a ‘sniff’ of the perfumes my classmates had created. There were some unusual and delightful results!
— Coreen, fragrance enthusiast, creator of Chapter Three, made in Shoreditch London
Making the perfume for me was the most interesting part... it was fun to feel like a perfumer for a little while!
— Emily, beauty industry professional, creator of Untitled by Emily, blended in Holborn London
The Experimental Perfume Club was fabulously fun, inspiring and thought provoking. It opened up our olfactory system to the art of fragrance.
— Sonia, wedding organiser, creator of Elegance, made in Holborn London